Spokesperson Training

Practice makes perfect. Ensure that your messaging is clear and intentional whether you are addressing employees, speaking at a public event or handling media interviews or inquiries.

We prepare clients to communicate effectively both internally and externally, in settings that include staff meetings, public forums, media interviews, and other communication channels. By helping clients clarify their goals, hone effective messaging, anticipate and plan for questions, and stay on message in stressful situations, we make sure that clients are well-equipped to represent their organization effectively.

 Areas we cover include the following:

  • Message Development: We work with spokespeople and other key stakeholders to craft messaging that accurately expresses the organization’s mission, goals and policies.
  • Public Speaking Skills: A little knowledge goes a long way in helping people relax and connect with an audience.  Our coaching enhances verbal and non-verbal communication skills.
  • Media Training: Using practice sessions, simulated interviews, on-camera training and other methods, we help clients increase their effectiveness and comfort levels in interviews, press conferences and other media interactions.  
  • What Not to Say: We offer guidance on confidentiality issues and ethical considerations in public communications.
  • Feedback and Continuous Improvement: We provide constructive feedback on both practice sessions and real engagements.

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