Corporate Communications

We offer a wide range of both internal and external services that help clients develop, maintain and enhance their brands. Drawing on our extensive experience in both the media and corporate worlds, we are experts at anticipating and navigating reputational challenges in companies large and small, and we tailor every plan to fit the unique circumstances and goals of each client. Services we offer include the following:

  • Strategic Communication Planning:  We help clients develop comprehensive communication strategies that align with their company’s overall objectives. We focus on setting communication goals, identifying key messages, target audiences, and the most effective channels and tools for message delivery.
  • Media Relations:  Our team has extensive experience managing interactions with the media, in cases that include civil litigation, criminal proceedings, workplace accidents, employee malfeasance, cyberbreaches, Title 9 actions, high profile divorce and much more.  Our services include press release distribution, media briefings, managing interviews, and responding to media inquiries, and various other activities.
  • Internal Communications:  Providing employees with clear, consistent, and transparent communication is critical to the health of all companies.  We help craft messaging for newsletters, intranet, company-wide meetings, and other channels that help to communicate the company’s goals, values and actions in a manner that keeps employees informed and engaged.
  • Crisis Communications: We specialize in helping clients prepare for, respond to and recover from challenges in ways that minimize reputational damage.  Our services include developing and implements crisis communication plans, training spokespersons, and establishing protocols for rapid and effective communication during emergencies.

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