Bradley L. Goldstein

Hilde Hartnett

Our company devotes a portion of our resources to pro bono cases. To that end, we created Graphic Defense, a portal where we use graphic narrative to spotlight the experiences of marginalized and often voiceless people in an effort to motivate people to make positive change. Graphic Defense was born out of a case involving judicial misconduct, in which a man was sentenced to an excessive prison term by a judge who was compromised by her personal relationships and investments, which our efforts brought to light. Our staff works with lawyers, legal scholars, artists, graphic designers and others to shine a light on complex issues. We tell stories about real people and provide underlying evidence of their experiences in the form of documents, photos and other materials. At a time in which lives are upended without apparent justification or due process and reputations are destroyed by mere accusations, Graphic Defense offers readers a chance to consider the facts of the cases we spotlight and get involved to change outcomes.