International Counterfeit Wine

The fine wine-world is a small community. Collectors attend lavish pre-auction dinners where they taste spectacular food pared with vintages that sell for thousands…


Brandon Winston Case Study

A talented law student is charged with a crime he did not commit. DNA evidence proved his innocence, and both a jury and his law school faculty concluded the charges were false…


Fine Collections Management

Dennis Kozlowski was the Chief Executive Officer of Tyco International. His misuse of shareholder money and excessive salary ultimately lead to his indictment and conviction in New York Superior Court…


Acquisition Of A Publicly Traded Company

No matter how thorough your due diligence, acquisitions are filled with surprises. The principals at Resilience Communications, LLC,  shaped  a strategy to help mediate public concerns associated with a large manufacturing facility in the developing world.

The factory abutted a small but historical residential neighborhood. The new owners inherited long-standing distrust of the plant by the community.

Resilience Communications’ approach got neighbors and company officials to the table for the first time in decades. The complaints dwindled, and neighbors who once brought litigation against the facility posed arm and arm with company officials at a neighborhood event.